How we do

Health and wellness tracking
Health behaviour monitoring and assessment of school children
Health education engagement
Habit-forming technology, the core of Carengrow System

The initial test results were disquieting yet reassuring. This seminal work not only identified underlying ailments in children, more importantly their families forthcoming with active participation in overwhelmingly supporting the cause of Carengrow.
The teachers got involved in this programme with great enthusiasm, the methodology, not much different to their usual activity.

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How are we unique?

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Our uniqueness lies in the system architecture, the behavioral model based on latest research findings. Personalised health education to bring in healthy habits in children, providing personalised healthcare solutions to children, empowering by changing the face under-utilised potential of school and teachers with intelligent tools (CarenGrow system) where kids spend most of their childhood.

Carengrow technologies and processes are capable of monitoring all vitals from tip of the head to toe, complemented to engage uniquely to form healthy habits in a sustainable way for the permanent behavioural change. These are based on a multitude of behavioral models like TTM, BMT, captology, SLT, social contagion.