About us

CarenGrow was born as a fruit of thoughtful analysis of the social health condition of the Indian community as a whole.

Dr. Meghana Kambham, an award-winning medical graduate and a social entrepreneur, witnessed many people diagnosed with diseases and conditions that were clearly preventable. Simple problems got out of hand because of lack of awareness preventive health care. Moreover, she noticed that parents lacked the commitment or even the knowledge of getting health checks done for children. The outlook is of corrective healthcare – take the children to a doctor when they are unwell.

Many conditions are attributed to the child being disobedient, indiscipline or simply notorious. Parents being ignorant about the hidden conditions that may be causing the problems, harm children even more.

school health programme objectives

It was more devastating to look at the statistics of children-pediatrician ratio of 3000:1 in the country. She realized that the doctors and nurses were just not well equipped or prepared to properly manage the healthcare of children of the nation. She understood that the Indian healthcare system was more of “Sick care” system.

When I look at a child who has a disease that could have been prevented, it feels like a chance lost.” – Dr. Meghana Kambham

She just could not let another opportunity be lost. So, she turned to technology to build an app for preventive screening – CarenGrow. She designed the app to empower teachers and parents to take charge of monitoring children’s health. The app is simple to use and requires minimum training. She is determined to have the app operational throughout India having run successful test runs for over 6000 school-going children.

The very promising nature of the app has recently brought to it “Patent Pending” status with the support of Microsoft’s #MakeWhatsNext program.