carengrow for government

Carengrow for Government is a unique, path-breaking initiative that helps children from underserved communities achieve their full potential by identifying and intervening early for developmental delays. 


  • Comprehensive training for Anganwadi teachers.
  • Training for the Care Cordinator Focus on problem understanding and screening execution.
  • Three rigorous training rounds for accuracy. Carengrow representatives oversee the process.
  • Genuine, effective, and aligned training.

Step 1 : Patented ECD screening via a mobile app for every child at Anganwadi centers and home.

Step 2 : Early intervention

  • All year round daily 3 minute scientific stimulus activities
  • Activities in the form of cards, audios and video
  • 700 ACTIVITIES Early childhood podcast in local language.

Step 3 : Referral to expert’s center for children with delays

Parental awarness session

We engage and educate parents on the importance of early childhood
development and the critical role it plays in a child’s future success.
it’s a holistic experience designed to provide parents with the
knowledge and confidence needed to support their child’s growth.
Through engaging sessions, we create a supportive community of
parents who share common aspirations for their children.
We create a space where parents can share experiences, ask questions,
and learn from one another. It’s a forum for encouragement, where
they find the support and reassurance they need.


Implementation of E-Health Solution in Municipal Corporation Tirupati (MCT) 44 schools and 800 Sanitation Workers under Implementation of the Smart City Mission in Tirupati