The pediatric challenge

Pediatricians face a critical challenge in identifying developmental delays in young children.

The current situation presents a unique opportunity for pediatricians and the private sector to lead a shift towards holistic brain development using innovative technologies.

 Data-driven solutions, paired with pediatricians’ expertise, are key in tackling this challenge.

Our solution for you

Our program empowers pediatricians with tools to ensure early identification and intervention for developmental delays.

Universal screening

Our advanced assessment tool ensures screening for all registered hospital kids.

Customized Scientific Stimulus Activities:

Parents receive daily 3-minute content in audio, video, and activity cards.

Hospital Referral:

Significant delays result in immediate hospital referrals. School product users are directed to our affiliated hospital for prompt treatment.


We stick to IPA standards which mandates rescreening every 6 months to track progress and adjust intervention plans.

Our Approach: Obstetrics OP Integration

Our approach integrates the Obstetrics Outpatient (OP) department seamlessly into the Carengrow ecosystem, ensuring a holistic continuum of care from pregnancy to early childhood.

Early Identification:

By connecting with expecting parents during their obstetric visits, we establish a relationship with families right from the start.

Parental Engagement:

Expecting parents receive educational materials and are introduced to the Carengrow platform, fostering engagement from the very beginning.

Data Insights:

We collect crucial prenatal data, laying the foundation for personalized early child development plans.

Seamless Transition:

seamlessly transition to our early childhood development program, already familiar with the platform.


Precise Assessments:

 Utilizing advanced technology, we provide precise assessments for tailored interventions.

Hospital Excellence:

 Partnering with Carengrow elevates pediatric care in hospitals, boosting patient satisfaction and the hospital’s reputation.

Patient Inflow:

Hospitals collaborating with Carengrow experience increased patient inflow, driven primarily by referrals from our school product.

Revenue Boost:

Revenue Boost: Our partnership model generates extra revenue for hospitals as parents seek comprehensive care for their children.